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Residential property management in Cochin

If you are a non resident Indian struggling to manage your property in Kerala then Smartserve is a right option for you. As the name, we literally serve you the smart way and manage your property. If you are planning to rent out your villa or apartment but worried and confused about the current market rate or the collection of the rent then you can be relieved about that as Smartserve comes to your help. We have team of genius employees who always keeps an eye on the current market. We ensure that your Rents are at market standards & vacancies are minimal.

We conduct a rent analysis, and the marketing, negotiation, tenant replacement is handled by us. We provide tenant management on behalf of the landlord, payment of statutory and other dues and any other service the client requires. We assure that your property is always safeguarded and well maintained. Our prime motto is to give you ultimate peace of mind by providing utmost transparency. We will make sure that you receive a detailed dashboard on time. For more details and to avail our service you can contact us on +91 9249 582 435

Why Choose Smart Serve Apartment property management service?

Nowadays most of the non-resident Indians buys some or the other property here and flies back in the worry how it will be maintained or how can it be securely taken care of etc. Smartserve brings this provision exclusively for them. Once they deal with us for their property management then they don’t have to think or worry at all about any of the aspects of the property as it is in safe hands. Property management doesn’t cover just looking after your property but also rental management of the same property and that is the best part of our property management.

As told above, we analyse the rent trends and patterns and rent it out in the best profitable rates for you. It is quite obvious that an extra income is always a boon especially better than your property getting destroyed due to lack of maintenance. You can be tension free about how the property will be maintained, the rents and accounts and anything and everything about your property. Our system of transparency lets you be at peace and gets you every single detail exactly like how you will get if you are directly taking care of it or beyond that.