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It is not just affectionate family that make a house to home, it is also neatness and cleanliness which ensures a healthy and safe atmosphere for the people residing and surrounding the home. Often the working people can pay less attention the cleanliness of the house due to the overload of their work or the housewives themselves find it difficult to manage the whole lot of household chores. It is then Smartserve comes as a helping hand to you. We make things easier for working people and housewives as well.

With our housekeeping service in Trivandrum and Ernakukam, what we refer is the management of duties and chores involved in running a household, such as cleaning, cooking, home maintenance, shopping, laundry and bill pay. To maintain a home smoothly, an organized routine is very essential. In your busy life, balancing both work and home is a jugglar's game. That's why Smartserve extends their services to the people of Cochin and Trivandrum so that they can be tension free about their house chores with an affordable price. To know more details or to avail our services you can contact us on +91 9249 582 435

Why Choose Smart Serve Housekeeping Professionals?

We, Smart serve started this venture not just as a business but this idea emerged from the thought of helping several housewives, working women and bachelors who struggles to maintain their home due to lack of time or other inconveniences. We understand how terrible it is to see your home sweet home in a messy and shabby state for days. Every one of us wants to live in a clean and tidy place especially when we come home after a tiring day. This is why Smart serve started to provide this service to ease many people’s lives saving them from the tedious household chores and saving the time which they can utilize to have a leisure time with the dear and near ones.

An excellent service with dedication and sincerity is the highlight of our housekeeping service. Our motto is customer’s satisfaction providing them the best service in cheap and affordable rates. As the saying goes Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Our housekeeping services sure will be a life saver for you in your busy schedule as you don’t have to find time for cleaning instead you can utilize it for other things. We believe in making things easier for you. Make your home clean and perfect with no efforts.