Sanitation is a Necessity

Sufficient drinking water, sanitation, and cleanliness are the fundamental requirements to ensure human well-being. The same is valid for proper wastewater management, which is an essential factor for ecological well-being. Improving these services will provide much needed economic growth and help people withstand climate change. Many developing nations are trying their level best to avoid the situations of water deficiencies and the working on the betterment of water management systems. They are additionally confronting enormous populace growth, fast urbanization, and expanded economic activity. Because of these extra challenges, the basic needs remain unmet. Many people around the globe do not have access to clean drinking water and proper sanitation facilities. As a result of this, the economic growth of a nation is directly affected.

We reside in a huge world. The world population is estimated to be around 7.6 billion. It’s obvious that such a huge population demands proper management of human waste and proper sanitation facilities. Cleaning Companies provide professional cleaning services to ensure proper hygiene in your homes and offices. Are you aware of the fact that around 2.5 billion around the globe still do not have access to proper sanitation facilities? Take a look at some of the important reasons for the need of proper sanitation:

To prevent diseases:
Health and sanitation are directly linked. People suffering from sanitary-related diseases fill half of the hospital beds. Poor sanitation can cause diseases like worms, diarrhea, cholera and malaria. Open sewage is the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Good sanitary facilities can help to fight a lot of diseases. Providing safe drinking water, proper toilet facilities, clean running water, and proper garbage disposal can, therefore, prevent the occurrence of such widespread disease and death.

To safeguard the environment:
Proper sanitation helps in promoting sustainability. According to the UN, fertilizers can be produced using human waste. For example, Chinese farming makes use of 90% human excreta. Unavailability of proper toilet facilities causes the human waste to be disposed of in streets which ruins the landscape and produces a foul smell. Even the water bodies get polluted as a result of which, a large number of plants and animals are killed. So, the whole ecological balance is affected due to poor sanitation facilities.

To ensure proper education for children:
The role that education plays in the development of a nation is well-known to everyone. But, to provide a good education for children, proper sanitation facilities are vital.  Poor sanitation can lead to intestinal infections in children. This will undoubtedly affect their health, and ultimately it is reflected by their poor academic performance.

Plays a vital role in Economic Development:
Managing water as an economic good is an important way of achieving efficient and unbiased use. It’s a wise option to invest in sanitation infrastructure. Estimates prove that benefits of such investments overweigh the investment costs. Good sanitary facilities ensure proper health and well being of citizens. So, a healthy workforce is guaranteed which directly helps economic advancement.

All in all, it is pretty clear that proper sanitation facilities are a basic necessity in our lives. For any nation to be called “developed,” all the citizens in that nation should have access to proper sanitation facilities. Someone has rightly said:

“For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks!”

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