Facilities Management for Cochin & Trivandrum

The state of Kerala, the consumer state whose quality of life in its cities like Cochin and Trivandrum have improved tremendously. The growth of the cities has led to growth in jobs, offices and business hubs in Cochin and thousands of families have found a good living here. The Smart Serve Facilities Management is the concept in regards to betterment in the city life.

Office Services

Professional services for hire to meet your office requirements. We facilitate for personnel in front office, secretarial, maintenance and cleaning services to your office in Cochin or Trivandrum. The facilities management of smart serve can assist you in terms of payroll, outsource of human resource and your travels.

F&B and Catering Services

Smart serve has proven experience in catering and provides personnel and management for canteens and cafeterias at hospitals, office pantries, special occasions etc.

Building Maintenance

The building or the whole property can be handled by our team of professional in terms of building maintenance, electrical, plumbing, cleaning services, fire and any other services that may require.

Property management services

These services are focused towards the non-resident keralites who own an apartment or a house and even rented, finds it difficult to manage the property. Smart serve provides customized options in order to facilitate your property management.

Personalized Solutions-

The idea behind smart serve is to provide customized and personalized services for the client. Thus when you hire the team for your need in facility management Cochin, you get to choose your own set of things for which you need to hire assistance.


The smart serve facilities management, available at Trivandrum which has been accepted by the crowd, reaching out to many families who require assistance in managing their day to day things, and as a business client for offices, who takes care of your facilities management. Smart serve has been successful in being the preferred team for prominent companies like Malayala Manorama, MRF and even government offices.